Cracks play a big role in the deterioration of your driveway, a single crack can turn into many at an exponentially increasing rate, this is especially true in Southern Ontario where we experience particularly harsh winters. Left untreated, rainwater seeps into cracks and can open them up to 100% of their original width.

This could potentially seep into the foundation and cause irreversible damaging, leading to a full replacement that costs thousands.

To seal a crack it is important to use specialized materials that bond to the walls of a crack, preventing the intrusion of water and adjusting to the pavement as it expands and contracts with the seasons.

  • Crack cleaning: We first clean the crack with a special fluid to remove any grit, grime and lasting debris. The step is essentially to get proper adhesion of crack-filler
  • Adhesive preparation: We follow the recommended steps regarding outside temperature, application temperature and moisture conditions prior to application.
  • Adhesive placement: Our employees are trained to apply material at a steady pace, filling the crack with the right amount so as not to worsen the crack’s condition.
  • Sand, silt or clay can be placed on top of the crack to mesh with the surrounding asphalt, concrete or pavement.
Take the necessary measures to ensure your driveway is well-maintained to add years to it’s lifespan and potentially save yourself THOUSANDS of dollars in a full-replacement.