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At S.G.C our priority is YOU, we begin each job committed to delivering the best value and utmost quality. Our philosophy is simple, we listen to your expectations, then we exceed them.

S.G.C Property Restoration Company is a local, family-owned Canadian restoration company that has earned it’s reputation for excellence based on client-focused culture, guaranteed functionality and a dedication to increasing the value of every property we service. We strive to build the foundation for a long-term relationship with each and every client.

We take great pride in our work and firmly believe the best form of promotion, is a job well done. S.G.C excels at returning your property to it’s former glory, we specialize in asphalt seal-coating and power-washing. With offices in Mississauga and London Ontario our service area has growing tremendously in a short span of time. We are now able to reach clients in the Greater Toronto Area and a majority of southern Ontario, a fact we attribute to our reliability, high standards and impeccable attention to detail. We prioritize aesthetics just as much as we do functionality; because a beautiful property, is a valuable property.


At S.G.C restoration we believe that a properly done restoration is capable of extending useful life by several YEARS that would not have been possible before, which is always better than a costly replacement.

Unlike other companies we ALWAYS use the most effective method for all our services, whether it’s sealcoating, pressurewashing, or pothole-filling. A portion of time at the start of every job is allocated towards canvassing and planning to ensure that NOTHING is done out of place.


At S.G.C all our services are perform by trained specialist BY HAND, this is our way of ensuring each and every job no matter the size is given the exact same amount of quality and care. NONE of our services are done by automated industrial machines, that perform the same action without regard for expensive walkways, landscaping and surrounding areas.


  • An unmatched level of consistency and care. Unlike the automated industrial machines used by other companies, the extra time and care taken by our team translates to better control and razor sharp accuracy.
  • Our process gives us ample time to ensure your job is done right. Our process allows us to deliver the best restoration possible as well as take the time to properly protect your property for years to come.
  • Doing it by hand gives us a live feedback loop. Unlike companies using automated industrial machinery, that may complete a job with several errors, we MITIGATE mistakes BEFORE they begin.


From seal-coating to pothole-fillingour wide range of services aim to keep your business looking as sharp as possible. We have special rates for large jobs please contact us at 647-648-9825, email us at or fill out this form for a FREE Estimation

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